Short Courses

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Short courses offer participants an opportunity to enhance their professional competence, stimulate their interest and understanding, and provide a practice update for current standards and techniques through interactive instruction.

Our MEMO audiences include:

  • Underground mine operators
  • Surface mine operators
  • Consulting engineers and designers
  • Suppliers of mine equipment
  • Safety and standards personnel in mining
  • Stakeholders in the fields of engineering and maintenance

Interested in presenting a short course? View our guideline here (CHANGE URL) 

You must submit your proposal using the online submission form. Proposals sent by email will not be considered. Click here (CHANGE URL) to begin!

Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Clarity, depth and specificity of proposal
  • Timeliness and relevance of subject matter
  • Qualifications, expertise and experience level of instructor(s)
  • Course submissions must be completed with all required documentation/information.
  • Acceptance of a proposal is based on the content and the instructors named at the time of submission.

If you have any questions, please email Guylaine Richard, Professional Development Officer: or